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Lymphatic Drainage Massage

I have completed three sessions with Stacey thus far. She provided the proper pressure using the Vodder technique which has assisted me in ridding toxins and reducing swelling. Stacey is a top notch massage therapist. She actively listens to clients and provides the best treatment. Stacey is dedicated to continuous learning and training. She continues to provide me with knowledge/homework I can complete at home to assist with total healing. I admire her genuine concern and connection to clients. I highly recommend you see her for your massage needs!


Stacey is wonderful! I’ve had great results so far w my treatment and look forward to continuing my care w her!


5 Stars


5 Stars



Excellent, relaxing treatment!

L Jones


Stacey is AMAZING! She is very knowledgeable about nutrition and her services. I have gotten great results from the cold therapy. Thanks!



i love EVERYTHING about stacey! she is not only very well versed im the knowledge of aesthetics and body building/reducing, but she is the smartest business woman ever! she is very knowledgeable in food science and is more focused on diet-based practices AND sculpting rather than focusing on sculpting only. i dont know what you guys are waiting for, she is the one!


Very professional and sooo knowledgeable! She had a variety of treatments to target your needs! I came in for a fat freeze not knowing other options that would be more suitable for me! She guided me with procedures that would be more effective and also gave me plenty of tips and tricks to ensure results when I get home and to maximize my results! I will be coming back and referring all of my friends. Truly a great experience!

5 Stars


Stacey at Slim Sessions does a wonderful job – very thorough in explaining what she is doing. A really enjoyable location and experience.

Stacey @Slim sessions is very knowledgeable and provided good customer service!! She offers very good tips on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and how to lose weight in the process. I have been going for 3 months and I can see a difference in my skin as well as my body weight.



Really enjoyed working with Stacey. She is very friendly and professional. She’s always prompt and ready for my appointment. I’ll be using Stacey’s services again very soon!


HIGHLY RECOMMEND STACY!!! Was super nervous at first but Stacy walked me through step by step making my experience comfortable! Her office is super clean, friendly and the atmosphere felt as if I was at home! She is very professional and has passion in what she does! Extremely educated, friendly and caring! Being in the health care myself, it takes a lot of trust to find the right providers and she definitely is one of the best out there! I recommend her to all my patients, family and friends! Definitely will be going back for different services!

The facility was very clean and nicely decorated. Stacey was extremely helpful throughout the entire process from getting my appointment scheduled, to arriving, and throughout having the session. She is super nice and an expert when it comes to nutrition! The procedure was painless. You’ll feel numbing in the area after a while which is expected due to the freezing. Meanwhile the laser is warming your other side and melting away pesky toxins. I have had trouble with my midsection and exercise was not helping with my pudgy area. Little things like bending forward to pick something up would cause a pause. I absolutely felt the difference day 1. It is not an overnight miracle, but I can definitely already see a change and it is day 3 🙂 I will be back there next month for a second treatment and I am super exited to continue this health journey with Stacey’s Help! 100% Recommend!


I had a wonderful session with Stacey! It was my first time and she walked me through everything and made sure I understood what each step was doing. I also learned so much about general health and wellness. Stacey is very knowledgeable and a delight to be around!


Stacey is such a vibrant and positive energy. I love coming to her for my weekly lunch time “nap”. It’s nice to relax on her table and talk (or sleep lol) while getting my treatment. Easy location to get to and very clean. I’m doing radio frequency on my chest for skin tightening, and it feels like a warm stone massage on my chest. It’s very relaxing. Skin is already looking firmer and healthier. Can’t wait to see the final results!

I just had the fire and ice treatment, and it went well! Definitely really cool and it was great to be educated on the products and different tips and tricks for weight management! We talked about different minor lifestyle changes and everything! I’m so glad I purchased this treatment! I’m looking forward to more sessions in the future and seeing more results with my body for a healthier lifestyle!


I have been receiving the fat freeze treatments on my mid section with GREAT results!!! I will be starting my love handles next…….I will be ready for swimsuit season this Summer!


Stacey was so sweet and informative. I’m so excited to see the results. I will definitely be returning. Thank you Stacey!


Stacie is well-trained, confident & very personable. she aptly applied my microcurrent procedure in a beautiful, relaxed atmosphere. I will return!


I highly recommend Stacey. I have seen her twice so far & I am less swollen and uncomfortable. She is professional, knowledgeable & welcoming. Goes above & beyond to embrace, educate & inspire.


It was the best spa experience by far hands down. I was put at ease and made to feel ultra-comfortable, and the results I achieved after only 3 treatments were also a bonus! I’m super happy I did this and would do it again and again and again!


Had the radio frequency treatment along the jawline and neck. it was a great experience I can see a difference. I can’t say enough about the owner personable welcoming and knowledgeable. I will be back


Stacy is absolutely the best!! I could see a slight difference this morning so I am so pleased to know this works… it may take time to achieve what I want but it’s worth it😍


Stacey is awesome!


Excellent experience!!!


I’m really noticing the results the second day. So I’ll definitely be going back!


Amazing service. Professional, knowledgeable, welcoming. Goes above and beyond to embrace, educate and inspire her clients.


Loved it! Stacy is great!


I enjoyed my session. She was very informative and full of information to help lose weight.


Stacey was great and was very thorough in explaining procedure


Stacey was awesome to work with! Very knowledgeable and friendly! I have definitely seen results with my service!


Stacie is well trained, confident and very personable. She aptly applied my micro-current procedure in a beautiful relaxed atmosphere. I will return.


Quality service! I will be back!


My experience with Stacey has been nothing less than phenomenal. Stacey was informative and helped me pick the procedure that would best suit my needs. I did the lipo cavitation and radio frequency . After a session or two I immediately saw tighten skin and my stretch marks begin to lighten. After that I tried her fire & Ice. Immediately I saw a difference 3 days later!!!!!! she told me the results kick in after 3 weeks. I am impressed to say the least . Stacey is the sweetest and I now trust no one else but her. I am getting ready for my sister wedding in April and I am sure she will have me in tip top shape . Give her a try believe me it’s worth it!


I have had huge problems with the fat in my stomach ever since having my two children over 21 years ago. So seeing a major difference in my stomach after just one week after getting one of Stacey treatments was crazy. I highly recommend Slim Sessions they are priced fairly and will get you actually RESULTS.



Didn’t really have high expectations when I first went , but after just one treatment of the body cav/radio frequency I immediately saw a difference in my legs. After just a week the difference was crazy! If you have stubborn fat in certain areas this is the place to go. Stacey is amazing at what she does. 5 stars all the way!


She is awesome! The Fire & Ice Combo…the bomb! Thanks Stacy!


Stacey is amazing. So knowledgeable about everything she does and super friendly.


She’s awesome, explains the service just great overall. Definitely going back


Great lady! Very informative!


Stacey is great and I’ve definitely seen results. Highly recommend.


Stacey is fabulous! Amazing service in a relaxing and friendly atmosphere!


Stacey was really nice and knowledgeable. I had a great experience there and I would definitely go back.


Stacy is absolutely wonderful. I went in not knowing what to expect. Stacy explains everything in great detail, she has a wonderful personality . I felt like she listen to my concerned areas and gave me great aftercare advice. You can genuinely tell that she loves what she does and goes above and beyond. I didnt feel rushed for one moment . I am literally so excited for my next appointment. If you’re thinking about purchasing this just go ahead and do it now ! you wont regret it .


Wonderful experience


Great treatments, great information and wonderful environment. I look forward to my next session!


Teel Evans

Lisa Green

Kirstin W. Everton


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